Digital Library:

The University of Cincinnati’s main library has subscription of ACM, IEEE, and Elsevier digital libraries and many other publications which allow students and faculty to read online. The College of CECH library maintains special subscriptions and purchases technical books to facilitate IT faculty’s research and teaching. The following links list a few of many CD related journals and conference proceedings that can be accessed through the library’s website. In addition to the publications, books can be read online through UC’s Safari subscription. Safari Books Online is a digital library that enables free access to the major IT technical book publishers such as O’Reilly Media and Pearson Technology. Students are usually required to read IT reference and textbooks online instead of purchasing the hardcopies.

The following links are UC’s Main Library E-journals Search on Cybersecurity:

1.) Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security, CICS, IEEE Symposium

From 2009 to 2009 in IEEE Electronic Library Online

2.) Literature : International Online Journal

From 2010 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals

3.) Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery, CyberC, International Conference

From 2009 to present in IEEE Electronic Library Onlines

4.) Inside Cyber Security

From 11/27/2013 to present in LexisNexis Academic

5.) International journal of cyber behavior, psychology, and learning

From 01/01/2011 to present in Computer Database

From 11/27/2013 to present in InfoSci-Journals (Full collection)

6.) International journal of cyber criminology

From 2007 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals

From 01/01/2008 to present in ProQuest Criminal Justices

From 01/01/2008 to present in Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text

7.) International journal of cyber ethics in education

From 2011 to present in InfoSci-Journals (Full collection)

8.) International journal of cyber-security and digital forensics

From 01/01/2012 to present in Computer Database

From 2012 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals

9.) VizSec: Visualization for Cyber Securitys

From 09/01/2010 to present in ACM Digital Library

From 09/01/2010 to present in ACM Digital Library Proceedings

10.) International journal of cyber society and education

From 2008 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals

From 12/01/2012 to present in Computers & Applied Sciences Complete

11.) International journal of information security and privacy
From 01/01/2007 to present in Computer Database

From 2007 to present in InfoSci-Journals (Full collection)

From 2007 to present in Journal E-Access

Sample of UC’s Safari online Book on Cybersecurity:

Remote Laboratories:

The college of CECH invested more than $.5M to set up a Sandbox-based remote lab to facilitate hands-on learning in IT. VMware vSphere is the framework to manage the virtual machines used in the lab. Most cybersecurity courses require students to remotely login to labs by deploying prebuilt vApps that contain a pot of networked VMs. The Sandbox system is persistent, meaning that students can use these assigned VMs throughout the semester without the need of reservation. Instructors can login to see all the student activities through web browsers. This approach allows instructors to easily troubleshoot student lab exercises and interact with student in real-time.

To access the Sandbox, please VPN into UC’s internal network, and click the Sandbox URL at

In 2014, the SoIT received an Ohio Board of Regent (OBR) equipment grant. The $130K grant allowed us to purchase hardware and software to build up our cybersecurity teaching capacity. Through this grant, NetLab was purchased and hosted at was widely used by CAEs to provide a stable and non-persistent remote lab environment. A large amount of lab exercises have already developed for delivering on the NetLab system. There excellent teaching resources are sponsored by a series of NSF grants and National Center for System Security and Information Assurance Innovation in Cyber Security Education (CSSIA). We are using NetLab to teach both the forensics and the penetration testing classes.

In summer 2015, SoIT purchased commercial security appliances through an OBR grant. The equipment includes Cisco’s and Juniper’s routers, switches, and advanced security appliances. The Cisco equipment is managed through the NetLab system. The Juniper lab is set up based on the recommendation From Juniper’s Academic Alliance program. UC is both Cisco and Juniper’s academy.

Grants and Scholarships:

SoIT strives to obtain external funding support to build teaching and research capacity and provide financial support to cohorts of talents From low-income or underrepresented population. Starting From 2015, the school gives tuition remission to four graduate students each year. Most of these students have strong research interests in cybersecurity. They are also given opportunities to work at the school’s Learning Center to earn stipends during their study. There are also numerous of scholarships From individual and corporate donors that support students to get into BSIT cybersecurity track. In the meantime, faculty members are actively applying for federal scholarship grants sponsored by NSF and NSA.

The current grants that received by the Center’s faculty are

(PI), Li, Chengcheng; Said, Hazem; Scott, James, "Cincinnati-Dayton Area IT Workforce Development through Institutional Collaboration and Industry Partnership", Ohio Board of Regents. (Work Force Development Equipment & Facility Grant), $121,981.00. 04/01/2014 to 06/30/2015. Through this grant, SoIT shared cybersecurity and networking curricula. NDG NetLab, Cisco, and Juniper networking and security appliances and proprietary commercial security software were purchased.

(PI), Li, Chengcheng; Meyer, Helen; Said, Hazem, Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (iTEST), National Science Foundation. (DRL-1433769), $1,200,000.00. 09/01/2014 to 08/31/2017. This three-year IT promotion grant allows us to start IT clubs and summer IT intensive camps to the local 6 public high schools. Both students and teachers will be exposed to the topics in IT Essentials, Programming, Cybersecurity and Networking, and Database Management

(PI), Wei, Xuetao, RFP: DARPA-BAA-15-15 Title: FAROS: Beyond all-or-nothing DIFT via context-aware self-tuning operation, $100,000, 06/30/2015 -06/30/2019. This grant allows Dr. Wei to lead research in mobile security projects for 5 consecutive years