Cyber Defense programs are offered in three different paths under the School of Information Technology. The Cybersecurity undergraduate (BSIT) track is an ABET accredited baccalaureate degree program that requires 120 credit hours and 5 full semester of industry co-op. The BSIT program has 96 credit hours that are shared among 3 undergraduate tracks in Cybersecurity Track, Networking/System Track, and Software Application Development Track. There are 24 hours of specialized track courses designed for the Cybersecurity undergraduate track. The degree plan and course schedule can be found at

BSIT Course Schedule


The SoIT launched a Master of Science in IT (MSIT) graduate program in 2015. Cybersecurity was one of the first three tracks offered. It is a 30 credit hours master’s program that consists of 9 hours of core courses, 9 hours of technical courses, 6 hours of projects/thesis, and 6 hours of electives. The 9 hours technical courses in cybersecurity are:

• IT7020C Principles of Cybersecurity
• IT7021C Enterprise Security and Forensics
• IT7022C Software Application Security

The MSIT Cybersecurity program can be completed either full-time on campus or part-time online. All the current on-campus students receive a full scholarship from the College of CECH. These students assist teaching and are recommended to write master theses. The degree plan can be found at

MSIT Course Schedule

Cybersecurity Certificate

The SoIT has been offering an undergraduate certificate in Foundations of Cybersecurity that attracts non-IT major students and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration with the School of Criminal Justice and the School of Political Sciences. The courses included in the certificate are:

IT1050 Fundamentals of Information Technology
CJ1001 Introduction to Criminal Justice
IT1081C System Administration
IT2030C Information Security and Assurance
POL2035 Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy
CJ4020 Criminal Procedures
IT5035C Cyberattack Red Team Collaborative Seminar
For detailed information about this certificate, please visit

Certificate Course