Russ McMahon is an associate professor in the School of Information Technology. He has been with the program since its inception. His teaching is focused on database management. He works with the community through many user groups to stay current on the needs of the IT community. He has presented at many user group and industry conferences on Database Security and IT Education. Russ completed a research project on the history of computing at UC. He organized the Technology in the 21st Century conference and historical display of fifty years of computing at UC’s College of Applied Science. In 2014, Russ took a year to explore IT education at key universities in several countries in Africa. Since Russ is an avid runner and has completed many marathons, he completed the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu after giving a talk at Mount Kenya University. Russ is a key member of the university and college and has served on many committees and in the faculty senate, always striving to improve higher education.

Russell McMahon
Associate Professor
Office: CRC 4315B
Phone: 513-556-4873