Mark Stockman is an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati serving as a faculty member in the School of Information Technology teaching networking, systems, and cybersecurity courses. His research interests include systems administration, server virtualization, cloud computing management, and IT pedagogy. With recent study of traditional criminology and crime prevention, his current research focusses on cybersecurity. Specifically, Mark is investigating the applicability of criminological theories in the digital realm or cybercrime science. Mr. Stockman is the former Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education (SIGITE), a community that has defined IT as an academic discipline; and is also now active in a similar effort for the cyber sciences, the Cyber Education Project (CEP). He has a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University, Russ College of Engineering and Technology, and an MBA from Ohio University, College of Business.

Mark Stockman
Associate Professor
Phone: 513-556-4227